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Grown Mature Women!!! Spit? Swallow? Duck?
please explain why you do what you do
Depends on what he wants me to do, I dont mind one way or another.
What are the benefits of consuming/swallowing ejaculation? (please be mature, don't answer if immature)?
what are the benefits of consuming ejaculation in other words, sperm, while oral sex..etc.Suppose to others it's somewhat beneficial, but i would like to know your answer =]
These are some really poor answers. Cure cancer and whiten teeth? The real answer is "no benefit, potentially bad". While there is technically some protein, it's a negligible amount, and not in a form that provides the maximum health benefit. Second, are you aware of your partner's sexual history?

So to recap: a small amount of something that will have no discernable positive impact on you versus a non-zero chance that the semen has an STD, which is always bad.

Go for a protein bar and a jog around the block if you're looking for health benefits.
Metallic blood taste in the back of my throat when I swallow?
What could be the cause of this?

Please be mature in your answer.

I haven't done anything oral for all you perverts who immediately jump to that conclusion.
It is winter and the air is SUPER dry... Your nose could be dry to the point of having micro-cuts that drip down the back of your throat with normal fluids as it tries to lubricate your airway...

I had this happen when I first moved back to Chicago and suffered through my first uber-cold and dry winter.

Go to walgreens and get a $2.00 bottle of Saline Nasal Spray and use it every hour or so.

The stuff lubes your nasal passages AND has the added benifit of washing away germs and virus's before they can penitrate the micro cuts and infect you.

"They" say that using a saline nasal spray can cut your risk of a winter cold by half... so no matter what is causing the taste, you win in many ways if you use the spray.

I hope that this helps!

Good luck.
Why is it so unhealthy to swallow your own phlegm?
I remember reading something years ago which said that the chinese are totally against it...mature answers only please
It's not particularly unhealthy. Your digestive juices will destroy most bacteria.
Help, my vacation home has about 70 swallow nests!?
A neighbor called and said our home in Big Bear has at least 70 active swallow nests. How long will these nests be active? She said there are dropping dripping down the walls and windows and swarms of birds everywhere. I want to know how long it will take until the babies are mature enough to fly away, so we can clean up.
They are not planning on leaving, if once their babies are grown up. You can either play the role of the bad guy and force their migration, or you can learn to live with it. Me personally, I don't know if I could deal.
18 and up question please be mature?
O.K adults only please im trying to be mature about this. I was wanting to ride my fiancee and hop off and imediatly start sucking until he bust in my face and swallow and lick up every drop but is that something a one night stand girl does I mean like will he think less of me?
No, thats not something a 'one night stand girl' does - thats normal sexual behavoir :)
A question to guys and girls (mature answers)?
Guys:Does it really feel amazing when a girl swallows????
Girls: Do you mind swallowing?
No i'm not a pervert my girlfriend and I were wondering because she plans to swallow and wants to know if its really that bad and if really feels that amazing for me so please answer:)
Yes, it feels pretty good.
Swallowed medicane....mature answers?
i no this is nuts but i think i swallowed some yeast infection medicane thats for vagina use only. not direct but i dont thik im aloud to say it on here lol
You should be fine from the medicine. It may irritate your throat or mouth but that's all.

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