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My cat had kittens about three weeks ago and the little girls feet turn out!?
Ok, so the two boys can walk and get around ok but the little girl is not doing as good..when she trys to walk her feet go out and she just drags them..Is there something wrong with her or will she learn?
I think she just needs to work on the muscles. It's easier to just move something that it is to walk on it.
Another issue is that cats are very good at hiding that they're in pain. Most of them avoid showing it!

If she doesn't get any better, you should really take him to the vet in case there´s something serious going on. Even if it is not, the vet could give you good advice on how to make him better.
I Love Little Kids Feet (boys and girls) how can you help?
ive always found little boys and little girls feet and toes to be very lovely. which has lead to a sexual attraction to there feet and toes i was wondering what i can do to stop these pedo urges before they get any worse iam trying to be honest no rude comments please just helpfulness
That's creepy... stay away from shoe stores...
Girls is it strange that I like girls feet?
Girls do you think it's strange that I have a huge thing for girls feet? Not all girls feet cuz I have seen some crazy looking feet, but I do love to see girls with pretty feet. I sometimes mix in a little feet licking and kissing in my love making. I also looooove to give girls foot massages and love the way high heels and even flats look when you wear them... Beautiful. Is this weird at all that I find them attractive?
lIts not weird...My boyfriend has a serious foot fetish, He insists that I wear stiletto heels daily on my delicate size 4.5 peds. I simply love when my boyfriend worships my feet. he is simply wonderful in softly massaging my little size 4.5 peds, As I wear 4" stilettos or higher all the time a foot massage is an absolute must. I My boyfriend is very loving and takes wonderful care of my feet giving my long luxurious and very loving foot and leg massages taking time to properly massage my delicate feet and perfect little toes. My boyfriend begins by gently removing my dainty feet from my ultra feminine stiletto heel sandals, taking time to softly massage my incredibly beautiful feet through my expensive ultra sheer hosiery. He then removes my diamond ankle bracelets, which I usually have layered on each petite ankle. then . slowly he works his way up my legs, massaging each square centimeter of my glamorous legs through my extremely expensive ultra sheer hose. He then slowly unclasp my hose from my garters and slowly and carefully removes my expensive hose from my slim leg. He then does the same to the other leg. During the time he removes my hose, He then concentrates on removing my extremely elaborate toe jewelry, being careful not to harm each fragile digit. He then begins massaging my dainty feet .using only the finest perfumed oils and lotions. He spends time on every inch of my feet softly massaging the oil into my extremely delicate skin. During this time he softly massages each of my extremely frail toes and ethereal feet, telling me how profoundly beautiful and sensual of a woman I am.. The bone structure of my feet is extremely delicate, my boyfriend has to be carefully not to damage my tender, extremely dainty peds in any way, He is absolutely wonderful in taking the time to gently and properly massage my pricelessly elegant diminutive feet., And yes, he does softly kiss my perfect little feet! I feel like a princess when he does this to me completely pampering meI find it so VERY intimate when he treats me this way - I feel so utterly glamorous to have a man care for me like this - paying undivided attention to me, and treating me like a princess. Luv it!!
Is it possible this little girl has bigger feet than me?
I'm 13 and I still wear a size 4 in shoes.
My mum is saying I have smaller feet than this neigbour girl who is only 8, and wants to me to wear her old shoes. I'm a bit ashamed about this..

Is it possible? Can a 8 y.o. girl have shoe size 7 as she claims?
Yeah an 8 year old can have a size 7, my friend sister is 7 and she is a size 6 already, her feet's look so massive. But we say she is special*
What do girls feet smell like?
My gf and her stepsis took off their heels to help me pack and they had a sorta smell to them I got closer and could see that their feet were a little sweaty. Do all girls feet get sweaty? If so what do they smell like?
The smell depends on what kind of shoes they're wearing. Generally, flats always smell. Heels without stockings might smell (depending on how open the shoe is). Sneakers with socks isn't too terrible (but it depends on how long they've been on, and what they were doing). Flip-flops tend to just make the feet smell like dirt. If they've just showered, and spent all day inside wearing slippers, there will be minimal smell at all.

Unless they have some kind of disorder where they don't sweat, girls will sweat, just the same as guys. People sweat in general.

Also, their particular smell depends on genetics, and how your nose interprets them... but mostly, it's a shoe-thing.
Where can I find guy shoes for little guys (girls in grade 2 & 3) with adult size feet?
I have looked in stores, on line, everywhere. All cute guy styles for little girls stop at sz 4 1/2, while my little girls wear size 7 and 8 currently. They hate the adult styles, and want the cute guy shoes like their friends. I have not even found sandals this year, as they are required by school to have a back strap and clearly they cannot wear the heels that are in style for us moms. Tennis shoes are ok, I just get them plain, but no soft guy low heel dress or sandals are out there for guyren. I have 3 little girls under age 9 and the only one who can still wear guy shoes is age 4. HELP!!!
i had exactly the same problem with both my girls, have you tried schuh…

these do great shoes, funky ones in ladies sizes
rocket dogs, kickers etc
worth a look

had a look over the web site myself, try the casual section for suitable shoes for school, they do cute little dolly shoes, in loads of styles, my oldest daughter was a ladies six when she started school so i know what youre going through
How did that little girl get her feet chopped off on the Six Flags ride?
Did the cord swing and chop em off?? HOW?
The metal cable snapped, and the force of it whipping across her legs just cut right through them.
Girls, when you go barefoot at airport security, is it a little sexy to have your feet on display?
OK, airport security is one of the bigger drags in life. But is there a tiny upside for women with sexy feet? First, you get to take off heels that might have been killing you. Second, you're likely shorter than most guys. And third, it's a chance to show off your pedicure.

What do you say?
It's the best part of going through security for me, to observe womens feet. I think some of the security guys get into this jobjust for this purpose!

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