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Is it normal to squirt during intercourse?
This is really embarrassing... but when me and my boyfriend have sex we have to lay a lot of towels down before, because I squirt a lot when I orgasm and its not just once in a while its like 3 or 4 times every time that we have sex. It isn't like wetting myself either it is a huge squirt like a water hose(so much that we have to flip the bed). It is really embarrassing but I can't help it. Is there any way to prevent this, or is it even normal?
It's Normal But you need to buy rubber sheets for the bed or find a better place to do it. I sometimes can squirt but not like you do a towel is all I need.
How do some guys squirt such huge loads? I've seen some have 14 huge to the ceiling squirts. . .?
I know a lot of people say that it's just about going like a month without jacking off.

But I've known some guys who have huge loads every single day. . .

And I drink my 8 cups of water a day or more. . .

I've been in a relationship with one of these men and he didn't do anything special or stay extra hydrated. What's the secret, cuz he didn't seem to know.
You need to hold it in longer. My trick is to add pressure between your balls with your index finger when you feel like you're going to bust a nut. Keep doing that until you can't hold it in anymore. You'll be spraying at least 10 feet, guaranteed or your money back.
Why does clear liquid squirt out of my tonsils?
I have had to clean out my tonsils for the last fifteen years to remove tonsilliths (tonsil stones), but a month ago, I poked my tonsil as usual, and a huge stream of clear liquid came streaming out like shooting a squirt gun. It tasted awful. This has happened about once a week since the first incident. Any ideas what this could be?
OMG, I've never heard of these but I feel so sorry for you and anyone who has this. I cant imagine having to maintain that - ouch!
What is this huge blob in my mouth?
Once in a while I eat a burger drive-in resto in my area and I just notice, every time I eat there, inside my mouth cheek, I develop huge blob that can pop up and squirt acid-blood thing, it's pretty disgusting anyway, sort of like allergic to something but what's that?
Usually it goes away by icy drink but this time, unfortunately this time it become a canker sore.
Who carees, just spit the blob out.
My fiance wants me to squirt?
my fiance has a huge turn on with squirting.
i never squirted in my life, i dont know how that works,
i want to satisfied him.. how can i learn to squirt?
many tell me its about to occur when you have the feeling of peeing.
i've been there but im scared pee will come out instead of squirting lol
any advice please?
All women have the same equipment, we can all do it. You just have to listen to your body. When I was first learning about it, I found this site that helped me with techniques for squirting. Here's the link to the site -…
Why do zits squirt? is it pressure or what?
why do they squirt? just asking... i get huge zits on my cheeks and when i pop them they always squirt. why is that?
I have a HUGE pimple on my nose and I poped it and blood went every where?
So today I was looking at my pimple was scared to pop this HUGE thing it had been growing for a week I finally decided to do it when I poped it the first time puss went EVERYWHERE like there was so much! it was groossss! then like an hour later I poped it agian and blood squirted everywhere!! and it won't go down!!! I put toothpaste and my acne treatment on it overnight and stuff but didnt do anything rly man its freakin huge and its so annoying! how do I get ride of it?
clean it with hot water and vinegar daily until it clears up
In the Goblet of fire game... how do i defeat the two huge fire-squirting creatures in the Maze?
i cant figure it out i made them run into the walls and then i sprayed them with water and they dont die....i need help
search Harry poter goblit of fire cheats on google and thn go to a website called ign or igg
thy have full walkthroughs cheats and reviews on all of tht stuff
very detailed 2
My husband gave me a HUGE creampie!!!? PLEASE HELP!?
so i am only 23 years old, my husband is 27- and we were having sex yesterday and i was wondering if this was normal. he squirted a huge huge load inside of me- and after that i saw nothing, but then like 1 seconds later, all the sudden a huge stream of his white warm gooey spunk was splashing out of me like a monster and leaked onto the bed (don't worry- i just put the sheets in the wash), but is this normal- and then he still had more leftover to squirt on my face- anyways, the sex is incredible- but is this normal how much there was??? i mean A LOOOOT- took me so long to clean off of me (but not to worry cuz im on the pill, we're not ready for a little guy to join us yet)
avarage amount of *** is said to be about 3mili liters, i did not chec mine,

but if ur husbands was more than regular, maybe he is using volume pills, i recently saw those pills and i like to try them also,

rarely when i am aroused for hours ejaculate also too much but not that much as u described,
Squirt Soda Products?
I am a huge fan of the Squirt soda products. I live in Winchester VA and have been able to find only regular Squirt. I was wondering if anyone knew where to find Ruby Red Squirt and/or Squirt Citrus Power near VA. And yes I know about E-Bay and but I wanted to find an actual store. Thanks.
Talk to the store manager where you find regular Squirt. They may be willing to special order what you want.

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